Soil health and land degradation: Effective solutions for scope 3 success

16:25 - 16:25
  • Effective ways to regenerate soil health and reduce land degradation
  • How to measure and monitor the emissions mitigation from improved land management and soil health
  • Challenges of permanence and overestimating sequestration claims in soil health 

Scope 3 and supply chain carbon: The Scope 3 and supply chain carbon track will assess how to measure, manage and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions across the value chain. We'll look in-depth into the practicalities of nature-based solutions that support scope 3 goals, and how business can implement effective financing, training and engagement programs.

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Sustainable Commodities and Land Use Forum

Innovation Forum's flagship sustainable commodities conference is held behind-closed-doors to ensure an open, honest conversation focused on the solutions. 

It is structured entirely to deliver practical debate, genuine progress and key takeaways as we continue to build and enhance sustainable commodity supply chains. 

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