Action Research

Innovation Forum convenes a series of Action Research initiatives across a range of issues and industries. In each case, IF conducts independent, in-depth research over a number of months that is designed to produce practical guidance and action. These initiatives are annual and are represent a continued process of engagement and dialogue with key stakeholders. 
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Innovation Accelerator: Climate Positive Food

Innovation Forum is launching an in-depth industry research project to assess climate action within food and beverage supply chains. The project will assess current bu...

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Innovation Accelerator: Building resilient smallholder supply chains

See here for our plans for the next phase of our work on smallholder supply chains Low famer incomes, human rights abuses and environmental degradation still plague sm...

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Sustainable Apparel Barometer

The textile and apparel sector is under intense scrutiny over its environmental and human impacts. In response, a number of initiatives and approaches are being taken ...

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