Why we are doing this

  • To promote sustainable business practices in large companies and their value chains
  • To connect companies, NGOs, investors and government and other experts for mutual benefit
  • To help companies and others share important learnings and discover new ways of innovating
  • To show how innovation, relationships and technology can drive positive change

How we behave

Vision: Business achieving it’s full potential to play a major role in driving global sustainability

Mission: Our goal is to work effectively to bring together senior decision makers to drive sustainability strategy, investment and management changes through innovation

Our values:

  • We are determined to produce the best events and insight products possible
  • We share a common belief in treating our people, customers and stakeholders well
  • We do what’s needed to improve our work. We use constructive self-criticism constantly
  • We always look for the hidden consequences of our actions, and hold ourselves accountable
  • We take pride in building a sustainable business that delivers value for society and our shareholders
  • We deliver on our promises, always

Upcoming events See all

Responsible Sourcing and Ethical Trade Forum


20th - 21st March 2024

Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Conference


23rd - 24th April 2024

The Future of Food and Beverage


14th - 15th May 2024

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