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Microphone Kellogg, Bunge and EDF on how technology can secure food supply

In a changing climate and faced with an ever-growing population, the challenges for agriculture are stark. In the latest Innovation Forum webinar, panellists from Kellogg, Bunge and the Environmental Defense Fund debate how business can engage farmers to adopt climate smart agriculture, the secrets to developing long-term partnerships, and how these can help achieve real impact at scale. Among the questions discussed are how agriculture can become a net carbon sink, sourcing funding and investment for new technologies and the role of GMOs in increasing yields and reducing environmental impacts.


  • Suzy Friedman, director, agricultural sustainability, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Megan Weidner, VP corporate responsibility and sustainability, Bunge
  • Amy Braun, sustainability director, Kellogg

Introduced and moderated by Ian Welsh, Innovation Forum

Join brands Walmart, Unilever, Bunge, Smithfield, United Suppliers, Syngenta, The Nature Conservancy, Union of Concerned Scientists and more to discuss innovation and sustainable agriculture at the Pew Centre in Washington DC, March 22-23 at Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture.

We will continue the discussion around climate smart agriculture, and take a practical look at the biggest issues in agricultural production, commodity case studies and some of the latest solutions coming off the ground to make production more sustainable and efficient.

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