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Microphone Sustainable commodities: is the landscape approach the future?

Tackling deforestation, and all the associated challenges, needs companies to think holistically and collaborate effectively

With 2020 fast approaching, companies are facing increasing pressure in cleaning up their supply chains and ensuring the sustainable sourcing of commodities.. In this webinar, experts from Olam, Coca-Cola and Unilever debate the landscape approach – where companies spanning multiple sectors work together to address land use issues – and how it can help solve this incredibly complex and sensitive issue. But how can we ensure that we are not only focusing on environmental impact, but also on the social and economic outcomes across regions and jurisdictions?

  • Christopher Stewart, head of corporate responsibility and sustainability, Olam
  • Ulrike Sapiro, senior director, water stewardship and sustainable agriculture, Coca-Cola Company
  • Melissa Miners, senior global advocacy manager – forests, Unilever

Hosted by Toby Webb, founder, Innovation Forum

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