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Microphone What are the sustainable agriculture trends that will scale?

We know we need to increase food production rapidly to provide for the world’s growing population. The intensification of agricultural production has been done so on a large-scale, requiring high use of natural resources, including water, energy, land and soil.

The resulting impact on the environment is significant – but for long term food security, we need agricultural production to be sustainable. But how can it be? And how can agriculture’s impact be aligned with the critical 2C 2020 climate goals?

In this webinar, we show how conventional agriculture can be more sustainable

Panellists include:
  • Betsy Hickman, VP, stakeholder engagement & implementation, Field to Market
  • Paul Bertels, VP, production and sustainability, National Corn Growers Association
  • Duane Martin, corn product manager, Syngenta

Moderated by Ian Welsh, publishing director, Innovation Forum

This webinar is sponsored by Syngenta.

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