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Farmer data that delivers: How to collect, collate and utilise on-farm data to ensure everyone benefits across the chain

To ensure crop yields are optimised and inputs minimised, food brands and their suppliers need clear, unambiguous data. Analysing the right numbers can enable farmers ...

Location icon 29 September 2020 - 15:00

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How do you make a company forest positive?

‘Forest positive’ sounds like public relations nonsense. It’s not. It’s a serious transformation process, well underway at one of Asia’s biggest forestry companies, wi...

Location icon 8 October 2020 - 12:00

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Incentives for smallholders that help save forests

Golden Agri-Resources head of sustainability implementation Gotz Martin talks about finding solutions for viable smallholder farmer communities, and some of the obstacles that prevent participatory conservation planning, including land title questions, insufficient incentives, lack of government support and up-front costs.Plus: over 1,500 net zero commitments from big business since 2019; brand...

Location icon 25 Sep 20

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How to engage all the supply chain to deliver more sustainable cotton

Amol Mishra, global commercial director, CottonConnect describes to Innovation Forum’s Ian Welsh ...

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How ‘purchasing with purpose’ is impacting apparel consumer choice

Terry Lawler, fabric development manager for Naia at Eastman, discusses with Ian Welsh changing c...

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Why HP and Samsung lead IT human rights benchmark, and food sector net-zero impact

This week: Felicitas Weber, Know the Chain project director at the Business and Human Rights Reso...

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Why clarity from customers helps target salient human rights risks

Intel’s Mike McDonnell, senior manager for supply chain sustainability, talks with Ian Welsh abou...

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Pandemic labour rights impacts in coffee and cocoa supply chains

Mary Linell-Simmons, director of marketing at Fairtrade America, talks with Innovation Forum’s Ia...

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CottonConnect on why natural capital accounting can help projects scale

This week: Amol Mishra, global commercial director at CottonConnect, talks about some of the chal...

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The recycling, design and performance balance for fashion

Renee Henze, global marketing and channel development director at Dupont Biomaterials, discusses,...

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How the apparel sector can cut supply chain emissions and water use

PEFC’s CEO and secretary-general Ben Gunneburg and Innovation Forum’s Ian Welsh talk about how so...

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Consumer shifts and pandemic impacts on apparel supply chains

This week: Terry Lawler, fabric development manager for Naia at Eastman, discusses what the coron...

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How to increase apparel supply chain transparency beyond tier 2

Joining Innovation Forum’s Toby Webb at the recent sustainable apparel and textiles conference ar...

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Carbon Trust on the corporate challenges in achieving net zero emissions

Pauline Op de Beeck, client manager at the Carbon Trust, and Innovation Forum’s Ian Welsh discuss...

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Intel on supplier mapping, and Fairtrade America on pandemic impacts on human rights

This week: Mary Linnell-Simmons, Fairtrade America’s director of marketing, discusses some of the...

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