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Innovation Forum hosts a weekly podcast along with regular interviews with business leaders in sustainability. Each week, we summarise the latest sustainability news and announcements, and get the views of leading experts on business critical issues. Widely regarded as one of the best sustainability podcasts around, stay tuned for regular insights, debate and analysis.
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Rent, resale and beyond: The circular business models transforming the apparel landscape

The last few years have given rise to a wave of new business models in apparel, built upon the principles of circularity over fast fashion. With apps and platforms pop...

Location icon 1 February 2022 - 15:00

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Palm oil’s business-led $1bn forest restoration initiative

This week: Michal Zrust, founder of Lestari Capital, talks about the Rimba Collective, a palm oil sector initiative led by buyers and processors supporting long-term conservation and restoration of forests – aiming for $1bn support over 25 years.And Global Canopy’s Emma Thomson outlines the findings from the latest Forest 500 report into policies and reporting at the global top 350 companies an...

Location icon 21 Jan 22

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Sustainable Apparel Barometer: what’s the future for viscose?

Liesl Truscott, corporate benchmarking director at Textile Exchange, Lucita Jasmin, director of s...

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From the forest frontlines: The Mai Ndombe REDD+ project, DRC

Audio only: in this 30 minute webinar, the latest in the From the Forest Frontlines series, hear ...

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What does regenerative agriculture mean for the future of cotton production?

The concept of regenerative agriculture is being hailed as the new paradigm in sustainable supply...

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Cocoa’s agroforestry potential

This week: Sebastiaan van der Hoek, forestry advisor at Cargill, talks about how agroforestry can...

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Is a regenerative approach what cotton farmers want next?

Alison Ward, CEO of CottonConnect, and Innovation Forum’s Toby Webb chat in Dublin, while attendi...

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How a nature-based solution can help save Papua New Guinea’s forests

At the Global Landscapes Forum in Glasgow during COP26, the Hon Gary Juffa, governor of Oro provi...

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Regenerative agriculture in apparel: What does it mean for the future of cotton production?

The concept of regenerative agriculture is being hailed as the new paradigm in sustainable supply...

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How better data can drive sustainable apparel supply chains

This week: Tara Luckman, advisor to the US Cotton Trust Protocol, and Dr Mark Sumner from the sch...

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How can carbon accounting accelerate action within the forest and land use sector?

Achieving the Paris Agreement targets requires a radical transformation of the world’s food and l...

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ConferenceWatch2: forest and nature positive approaches in action

Ian Welsh reports from the second day of the 2021 sustainable landscapes and commodities conferen...

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ConferenceWatch: sustainable landscapes and commodities

Innovation Forum’s Ian Welsh reports on the opening day of the 2021 landscapes and commodities ev...

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Webinar: Regenerative agriculture in apparel with Patagonia, Primark, CottonConnect and TextileExchange

Join us for an upcoming complimentary webinar: ‘Regenerative agriculture in apparel: What does it...

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