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Innovation Forum hosts a weekly podcast along with regular interviews with business leaders in sustainability. Each week, we summarise the latest sustainability news and announcements, and get the views of leading experts on business critical issues. Widely regarded as one of the best sustainability podcasts around, stay tuned for regular insights, debate and analysis.

The radical solutions necessary for decarbonisation at scale

This week: Alan Kroeger, head of supply chains and natural climate solutions at Satelligence, talks about eliminating emissions from forest commodity supply chains, the role of nature-based solutions in achieving this, and how companies can navigate their way through the challenges using the right data. And, RSPO’s Victor Tamanjong discusses the state of play for sustainable palm oil in Africa....

Location icon 17 Sep 21

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How a community development approach can deliver for smallholder farmers

Eunice Oduro, project manager at anti-poverty NGO CARE, and Samuel Apana, Cargill’s cocoa sustain...

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How to work with uncertified palm oil farmers

Samuel Avaala, general manager of Benso Oil Palm Plantation in Ghana, talks with Innovation Forum...

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How to make the right food sector climate choices

This week: Daniel Baertschi, food and agriculture sector lead at Quantis, discusses how making th...

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Challenges to the seafood sector from a changing climate

At Innovation Form’s recent Future of Food conference, Erin Priddle, northern Europe regional dir...

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How natural climate solutions deliver effective GHG reductions

At the recent future for climate action conference, Marie-Pierre Bousquet Lecomte, science-based ...

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Barry Callebaut and Cargill on how data drives value chain traceability

This week: Taco Terheijden, director, cocoa sustainability at Cargill, and Nicko Debenham, vice p...

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Apparel sector’s ‘massive’ forced labour policy-practice gap

Felicitas Weber from the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre talks with Innovation Forum’s ...

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Solving the traceability challenges for uncertified palm oil

This week: Samuel Avaala from Benso Oil Palm Plantation in Ghana, talks about how to work with su...

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Sir Ian Boyd on food sector efficiency challenges on the road to COP26

Innovation Forum’s Toby Webb talks with Sir Ian Boyd, professor of biology at the University of S...

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Webinar – Nestlé's 10 years of sustainability in action: towards a forest positive future

In 2010 Nestlé made a commitment to end deforestation in its supply chain. In this webinar, hear ...

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How partnership empowers Ghana’s cocoa growers

This week: Eunice Oduro, project manager at anti-poverty NGO CARE in Ghana and Samuel Apana, Carg...

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CCC’s Julia King on business adaptation for climate change

At Innovation Forum’s recent future for climate action conference, Julia King, Baroness Brown of ...

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