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Innovation Forum hosts a weekly podcast along with regular interviews with business leaders in sustainability. Each week, we summarise the latest sustainability news and announcements, and get the views of leading experts on business critical issues. Widely regarded as one of the best sustainability podcasts around, stay tuned for regular insights, debate and analysis.

How to plot a realistic and robust route to net zero

This week: Krishna Manda, vice-president for corporate sustainability at textile sector fibre manufacturer Lenzing talks about what an effective net zero strategy looks like. This includes getting interim targets right, aligning incentives across the business and with suppliers, and how to avoid tensions between short term targets and long term goals.  Plus: Brazilian cerrado green bond scheme ...

Location icon 12 Aug 22

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Image new podcast dreamstime s 116811071

What effective collective landscape approach action looks like

This week: Patrick Mallet, director of innovations at ISEAL, and Leony Aurora, landscapes and par...

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Accountability Framework: Fast-tracking rubber sector sustainability progress

Insight into challenges in the natural rubber sector from: Karen Steer, manager at the Rainforest...

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How to make a landscape approach work for the entire value chain

This week: IDH’s Matthew Spencer, Proforest’s Ruth Nussbaum and Conservation International’s John...

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Forest 500: little corporate progress on deforestation

Emma Thomson, Forest 500 lead at Global Canopy, talks with Ian Welsh about the recently launched ...

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Calculating supply chain carbon: Is a standardised approach to soil carbon measurement possible?

Webinar recording is now available here.Through sequestration, soil plays a pivotal role in mitig...

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The rise and rise of tree-based cellulosic textile fibres

Textile Exchange’s La Rhea Pepper, Claire Bergkamp and Megan Stoneburner talk with Ian Welsh abou...

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How to avoid supply chain data overload

This week: Craig Mills, CEO of Vizzuality, talks about how data can best be presented so it is us...

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Why carbon offsetting must be more than just moving the deckchairs

David Antonioli, CEO of standard setting body Verra, explains to Ian Welsh how carbon offsetting ...

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Rubber supply chain innovation hits the road

This week: Karen Steer, manager at the Rainforest Alliance, and lead for the Accountability Frame...

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Where landscape approaches are being applied successfully now

In this conference session, recorded at Innovation Forum’s recent sustainable landscapes and comm...

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How will due diligence impact commodity supply chains?

This week: Ian Suwarganda, head of policy and partnerships, sustainability and communications at ...

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Better Cotton’s 2030 impact-delivery strategy

Alan McClay, CEO of Better Cotton, talks with Toby Webb about the challenges faced delivering mar...

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