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Innovation Forum hosts a weekly podcast along with regular interviews with business leaders in sustainability. Each week, we summarise the latest sustainability news and announcements, and get the views of leading experts on business critical issues. Widely regarded as one of the best sustainability podcasts around, stay tuned for regular insights, debate and analysis.

How to plot a realistic and robust route to net zero

This week: Krishna Manda, vice-president for corporate sustainability at textile sector fibre manufacturer Lenzing talks about what an effective net zero strategy looks like. This includes getting interim targets right, aligning incentives across the business and with suppliers, and how to avoid tensions between short term targets and long term goals.  Plus: Brazilian cerrado green bond scheme ...

Location icon 12 Aug 22

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Innovation for more sustainable shopping baskets

Transforming the food system and overcoming the many environmental challenges it faces will requi...

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Rent, resale and beyond: the circular business models transforming apparel

The last few years have given rise to a wave of new business models in apparel, built upon the pr...

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Landscape and forest restoration: what works in practice?

At this conference session at Innovation Forum’s recent sustainable landscapes and commodities ev...

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The big climate challenges for apparel and textiles

This week: Textile Exchange’s Claire Bergkamp and Beth Jenson talk about their new Climate+ strat...

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How carbon finance can preserve forests and livelihoods

This week: Mike Korchinsky, founder and CEO of Wildlife Works, talks about how to use market mech...

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What do farmers want from brands and buyers?

Farmers are critically important for sustainable commodities production, yet their voices are too...

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Deforestation: is there too much focus on palm oil?

Announcements at COP26 have refocused attention on to the need for companies to transparently and...

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Palm oil’s business-led $1bn forest restoration initiative

This week: Michal Zrust, founder of Lestari Capital, talks about the Rimba Collective, a palm oil...

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Climate change and human health: Education to empower consumers and communities

Knowledge is power, and the key to positive action. As climate impacts increase, the need to empo...

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How verified standards drive carbon market growth

This week: David Antonioli, CEO of Verra, talks about how verified standards on emission reductio...

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Why FIFA risks a huge credibility problem in Qatar

Andrew Wallis, CEO of UK-based trafficking and modern slavery organisation Unseen, talks with Ian...

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Why no one values trees more than cocoa farmers

Sebastiaan van der Hoek, forestry advisor at Cargill, discusses with Ian Welsh the potential for ...

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