Asking the unasked questions about smallholder farmer supply chains

Innovation Forum’s Toby Webb and Peter Stanbury talk about why entire value chains have to be sustainable and that a narrow focus just on smallholder farmers in isolation is not the best approach. They discuss some of the factors that encourage more resilient rural development and farm income encompassing market forces – including a necessary move from just a “don’t cut down the forest” convers...

Location icon 18 Aug 21

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Innovation Accelerator: How to drive systemic change for smallholder farmer communities

Low famer incomes, human rights abuses and environmental degradation still plague smallholder-bas...

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How to develop common language and trust for palm oil

Ying Xuen Hoe, project manager, Proforest Southeast Asia, Rashyid Redza bin Anwarudin, head, grou...

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Why are landscape approaches a good fit for palm oil?

Olivier Tichit, director for sustainable supply chains at integrated palm oil business Musim Mas,...

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How Nestlé partners to create resilient landscapes in Peru

This week: Emily Kunen, global responsible sourcing lead for palm oil and seafood at Nestlé, Sand...

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How to drive continual agri supply chain improvements

Renata Nogueira, South America sustainability manager for Cargill, and Gonzalo La Cruz, managing ...

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How an ecosystems services approach helps all producer communities

This week: Hear Musim Mas’s Olivier Tichet outline his ‘magic ingredients’ for landscape level so...

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Deforestation commitments without implementation in palm oil

ZSL’s Eleanor Spencer and Ian Welsh talk about the latest SPOTT survey into transparency and stre...

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How business can drive forest positive action and community resilience in smallholder farming landscapes

Over recent years the “landscape approach” to addressing sustainability has become the buzz phras...

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How a community development approach can deliver for smallholder farmers

Eunice Oduro, project manager at anti-poverty NGO CARE, and Samuel Apana, Cargill’s cocoa sustain...

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Why landscape solutions need engagement and time

Engaging with producer communities has become a greater priority for buyer and brands – that is c...

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How to work with uncertified palm oil farmers

Samuel Avaala, general manager of Benso Oil Palm Plantation in Ghana, talks with Innovation Forum...

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