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Webinar – Addressing gaps in sustainability: why fashion brands need more data

As apparel brands work to implement sustainability commitments across their supply chains, access...

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How to drive effective action on sustainable fashion

The apparel sector has acknowledged a need to do better in removing abuses from its supply chain....

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How the apparel sector can cut supply chain emissions and water use

PEFC’s CEO and secretary-general Ben Gunneburg and Innovation Forum’s Ian Welsh talk about how so...

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Dupont on apparel sector circular economy models

This week: Renee Henze, global marketing and channel development director, Dupont Biomaterials, t...

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Sustainable forest fibres and net-zero emissions challenges

This week: Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International, on the benefits for the apparel sector from ...

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FSC and Eastman Naia on the sourcing sustainable wood pulp challenges

Ruth Farrell, textiles marketing director at Eastman Naia, and Andrés Ortolano, FSC Italy chain o...

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Can fast fashion go circular?

Developing circular economy practices that work has been a key business goal for many companies f...

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H&M and Puma on apparel’s low carbon future

This week: H&M’s Pascal Brun and Puma Group’s Stefan Seidel debate action on climate change a...

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