This two-day business conference will highlight the practical steps key actors can take to build more sustainable, resilient and regenerative food systems. We’ll bring together leading brands and stakeholders to establish the main areas of opportunity and innovation within the food and beverage industry.

Regenerating nature

How to implement regenerative practices at scale to deliver on climate, biodiversity and food system resilience

Climate action

From ambition to action, how business can tackle Scope 3 emissions and drive effective climate solutions across agricultural supply chains

Supply chain risk and resilience

How brands can work with farmers and key supply chain partners to mitigate climate risk, enhance resilience and drive greater food security

AgTech and innovation

The latest tools and technologies that are driving on-farm transformation and improving visibility, accountability and profitability throughout the supply chain

The speakers

Marika McCauley Sine


Chief Sustainability Officer, Mars Petcare & Global Vice President of Sustainability

Dorothy Shaver


Global Head of Sustainability,Unilever Nutrition

Maria Silvia Tonti

Yara International

VP Regenerative Agriculture Solutions

Owen Bethell


Environmental Impact Lead, Global Public Affairs

Mario Abreu


Head of Group CSR and Sustainability

Sarah Lockwood


Global Regenerative Agriculture Director

Jan Burger

The Coca-Cola Company

Climate & Water Sustainability Director Europe

Sandrine Ricard

Chivas Brothers, Pernod Ricard UK

Deputy Director of Sustainability and Responsibility

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Agenda highlights

  • Food security and supply chain resilience: How can food system transformation drive social, environmental, and economic resilience?
  • Modelling a framework for innovation: How brands can prioritise sustainability across R&D and wider business strategy 
  • Is Farm to Fork dead? A look at what's working, what's not, and what's next for EU agricultural policy
  • From commitments to action: What does a credible climate action plan look like in the short, medium, and long term?
  • Food system redesign: What do we need to do to cut food waste in half by 2030?
  • Sustainable rural development: How the landscape approach can drive living incomes and tackle inequality within food systems
  • Regenerating nature: How to integrate biodiversity and nature into your climate strategy 
  • An action plan for biodiversity: In-depth case studies into the practical steps business can take to protect and promote biodiversity 
  • From pilots to standards to scale: Is a regenerative framework the key to success? 
  • Funding transformation: How financial actors can accelerate the shift towards sustainable food systems 
  • Ambition, action, and accountability: How mandatory reporting and disclosure is evolving and the implications for business AND investors 
  • The global food trilemma: How can we balance accessibility, sustainability, and nutrition?
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Why attend?

Discover best practices from industry leaders and get in-depth guidance on how to effectively implement policies

Meet & network with an influential audience of key stakeholders, including NGOs, business, government and supply chain actors

Benchmark company performance amongst a room of your peers and discover where you should be focusing efforts

What's new this year:

The 5th room
We’re adding an additional space for discussion on some of the unspoken truths in sustainability. In these off-the-record sessions, we’ll ask attendees to share mistakes and freely speak their minds as we have pragmatic and honest conversation about the future.

Farmer focused
Only farmers can change farming. As a critical voice in these conversations, we’ll be incorporating more farmer perspectives throughout the two days to ensure the conversation is farmer focused and remains grounded in reality.  

Practical, focused problem solving
We’re taking a number of breakout sessions and revamping the format to utilise the full extent of the expertise in the room. This is to ensure we deliver real problem solving that tackles the critical business challenges and provides clear and practical outputs 

More networking, more connections
With increased schmoosing time, more side events and better networking options, we’re ensuring there’s the opportunity to make the connections that matter and build the partnerships that can really make a difference. 

 "As ever, Innovation Forum challenge us to think, discuss and explore our knowledge and understanding of key issues in sustainability across the food supply chain, at a well-considered interactive event."
 "We all really enjoyed the event. Especially the panel format and that no one used slides throughout the event. I think the size of the event was perfect too. It gave you plenty of opportunity to speak to a good group of people."
“Hats off to Innovation Forum for once again hosting a timely, topical virtual conference that prioritizes connections between attendees. Their interactive workshops are a fantastic way to meet others in your field and share learnings.”
"The event featured an impressive lineup of speakers and engaging discussions that inspired and motivated attendees to be a part of the movement for a more sustainable future."

What’s different about this forum?

Innovation Forum is:
  • Candid: Entirely off-the-record discussion that enables open and honest disclosure from speakers and genuine participation from the audience.
  • Practical: A clear focus on the practical and actionable guidance that can drive change throughout industries and supply chains.
  • Focused: We provide enough time, resources and expertise to the issues that really matter. We don’t skate the surface, but get to the crux of the issues to provide in-depth, constructive discussion.
Innovation Forum is NOT:
  • A PR platform: Enthusiastic speakers are NOT given free rein to fill a session presenting their companies, allowing no time to actually get to the crux of the issues.
  • A talking shop: This is NOT an opportunity for a group people in a room to simply agree with everything said, regardless of outcomes.
  • All promise, no delivery: We will NOT promise what we can’t deliver. The issues covered are complex. They won’t be solved at a two-day conference. But we will help deliver progress through in-depth, constructive and practical advice around specific issues.

Who attends

World Cocoa Foundation
The Nature Conservancy
Rainforest Alliance
World Resources Institute
Rainforest Action Network
Novo Nordisk
Sime Darby
The Consumer Goods Forum
Pernod Ricard
J.P. Morgan
The Coca-Cola Company
Barry Callebaut
Carlsberg Group
Marks & Spencer
SAI Platform
Aberdeen Asset Management
Soil Association
BNP Paribas
Mondelēz International
Kellogg Company
Anheuser-Busch InBev
The Mullion Group
Waitrose & Partners
Bayer Crop Science
One Acre Fund
Anuvia Plant Nutrients
Credit Suisse
Allianz Global Investors
Taylors of Harrogate
Cargill - sponsor page only
Yara International

The venue

Hotel Casa Amsterdam

Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4


More details

Supported by

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Join us for

  • In-depth guidance from industry leaders on how to effectively implement policies.
  • Networking with key stakeholders, including NGOs, business, government and supply chain actors.
  • An entirely off-the-record discussion that encourages open and honest disclosure from speakers and genuine participation from the audience

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