This two-day business conference will identify the main areas of opportunity and innovation within the food and beverage industry. We’ll assess how business can react to consumer trends and expectations, whilst building sustainable, resilient agricultural supply chains. 


This track will look at how business can work with farmers to build resilience down the supply chain and ensure a business model that attracts the farmers of the future. 


This track will highlight the leading practices in sustainable agriculture and explore initiatives which increase production whilst protecting the local environment. 


This track will focus on how food and beverage companies can reduce emissions and help build climate resilience across the value chains. 


This track focuses on consumer demand and how this is changing the way we produce food, as well as how brands can best communicate with consumers around innovation and sustainability initiatives.

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The speakers

Thumb christine montenegro mcgrath

Christine McGrath

Mondelez International

Chief Well-being, Sustainability, Public and Government Affairs Officer

Thumb rob meyers   pepsico  temp photo

Rob Meyers


Sustainability Director

Thumb richard ellis   walgreens

Richard Ellis

Walgreens Boots Alliance

Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility

Thumb amy braun senter   kellogg

Amy Braun Senter

Kellogg Company

Chief Sustainability Officer

Thumb jon hixson

Jon Hixson

Yum! Brands

Vice President of Government Relations and Global Citizenship

Thumb nicole johnson hoffman   osi group

Nicole Johnson-Hoffman

OSI Group

Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer

Thumb image re

Kevin O'Donnell

General Mills

Sustainability Director, Worldwide Sourcing

Thumb justin ransom   tyson

Justin Ransom

Tyson Foods

Senior Director of Sustainable Food Strategy

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Agenda highlights

  • Leadership perspectives on the evolution of agriculture: How are brand and consumer demands affecting business?
  • Trust and transparency: How to satisfy consumer demand for information 
  • Climate change: The role of business in mitigating the effects of climate change and safeguarding supply
  • Communicating with your consumers. How to open a dialogue with consumers about their food choices and sustainability demands
  • Shark Tank: What scalable tech innovations are out there? 
  • The landscape approach: What is it and does it work?
  • Disruptive innovation and technology: An in-depth look at precision agriculture, automation, blockchain and the technologies with the potential to revolutionise sustainable agriculture 
  • Sustainable water, chemical use and soil management: The leading initiatives in encouraging sustainable agricultural practices 
  • Genetic engineering: What are the opportunities and complications facing the food industry?
  • Meat substitutes and alternative protein: How consumer trends are shifting towards plant-based diets and what that means for business 
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Why attend?

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Discover best practices from industry leaders and get in-depth guidance on how to effectively implement policies

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Meet & network with an influential audience of key stakeholders, including NGOs, business, government and supply chain actors

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Benchmark company performance amongst a room of your peers and discover where you should be focusing efforts

What’s different about this forum?

Innovation Forum is:
  • Candid: Entirely off-the-record discussion that enables open and honest disclosure from speakers and genuine participation from the audience.
  • Practical: A clear focus on the practical and actionable guidance that can drive change throughout industries and supply chains.
  • Focused: We provide enough time, resources and expertise to the issues that really matter. We don’t skate the surface, but get to the crux of the issues to provide in-depth, constructive discussion.
Innovation Forum is NOT:
  • A PR platform: Enthusiastic speakers are NOT given free rein to fill a session presenting their companies, allowing no time to actually get to the crux of the issues.
  • A talking shop: This is NOT an opportunity for a group people in a room to simply agree with everything said, regardless of outcomes.
  • All promise, no delivery: We will NOT promise what we can’t deliver. The issues covered are complex. They won’t be solved at a two-day conference. But we will help deliver progress through in-depth, constructive and practical advice around specific issues.

Who attends

General Mills
World Coca Foundation
The Nature Conservancy
Rainforest Alliance
World Resources Institute
Olam International
Mondelez International
Sime Darby
Coca-Cola Company
Barry Callebaut
British American Tabacco
Marks and Spencer
Pernod Ricard
J.P. Morgan
SAI Platform
Kellogg Company
Yum! Brands
Tyson Foods
John Deere
OSI Group
Carlsberg Group
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The venue

Walgreens University

6 Parkway N

IL 60015

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Project Director
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