Regenerative agriculture: What does it cost and what impact will it have at scale?

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Regenerative agriculture is a relatively young movement that already has advocates from many types of organisations and regions. By addressing the issues of soil degradation and the climate crisis, this approach to farming is starting to shape sustainability strategies across the food sector.
With the term occurring with increasing frequency, this session will discuss how much potential there is for regenerative agriculture to be scaled-up in order to transform traditional supply chains into sustainable food systems.
We’ll touch upon:
  • The meaning of regenerative agriculture / how it is perceived
  • The various barriers preventing regenerative agriculture from scaling-up, such as the lack of shared metrics and data
  • Best practice examples of regenerative agriculture projects on the ground
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Mariko Thorbecke


Senior Sustainability Consultant, US Food Sector Lead

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Kevin O'Donnell

General Mills

Global Director, Sourcing and Operations Sustainability

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Tina Owens


Senior Director, Food and Agriculture Impact

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