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What business should do to even up gender imbalance

The world seems to be at tipping points at so many levels: social (such as BLM or #metoo), enviro...

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Why we need better governance using existing models

In a recent informal conversation with sustainability policy experts, someone offered the private...

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How to navigate the new European business reality

Proponents of “future proofing” business have gone strangely quiet recently. And not surprisingly...

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Eco-anxiety is coming, but is it all doom and gloom?

Some readers might have judged my previous posting for Innovation Forum, about the prospect of th...

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Happy new year? What 2020 hindsight tells us

The French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre once observed: “…once we know and are aware, we are respo...

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Is sustainability innovation the route to saving capitalism?

The case for innovation in business has never been more compelling. A rapidly changing market env...

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Europe must focus on a Green New Deal (not Brexit)

The Green New Deal (GND) concept, as I raised via Innovation Forum earlier in the year, has only ...

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Why chemicals management is essential for a safer, healthier world

“Tommy was a chemist, but Tommy is no more; for what he thought was H2O was H2SO4”The old schoolr...

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Could an innovative Green New Deal kick start 2019?

The term Green New Deal has come back onto the political radar. In 2019, whether you’re an entrep...

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Why business must make climate its business now

There are lots of good reasons why companies now need to get very serious about climate change. A...

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A winning formula for sustainable chemical startups

“If you start me up. If you start me up I'll never stop…”   In many ways, Mick Jagger’s opening l...

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The pressing need for global chemicals governance

“The production and use of chemicals has grown exponentially from the 1970s to today. At the same...

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